Students come from public and independent schools across the country and from diverse social, economic, religious, political, and ethnic backgrounds. They have widely varied interests and experiences. Some are valedictorians and top scholars, and others are still searching for their academic calling. Some students are experienced artists, and others have never been exposed to the studio arts. What draws them to Oxbow is the idea of learning through the process of making and creating, and viewing academic studies through the lens of art to understand their interconnectedness and relevance to everyday life. 

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Financial Aid

Where They Come From

Oxbow's reputation for excellence has spread across the country (and around the world) attracting students from both private and public schools. Most sending schools forgive tuition for the semester spent at Oxbow, and give full credit for our coursework. The Oxbow Admissions office is here to help families work with their schools. Please feel free to reach out to the Admissions Office for more information on tuition remission and curriculum.